About Bread Bar

Debi Olff

Sourdough Baking Nurse


Hello, I'm Debi. I'm a Mother, Wife, and a full-time Registered Nurse at a local Hospital in the Springs. I began baking sourdough bread when we purchased our home in Falcon, CO., With encouragement from my family and friends. I began to sell my sourdough bread out of my home kitchen. There are so many different options when it comes to baking sourdough.

 That's when the idea of the Bread Bar was born. Customers can pick ingredients to add to my base sourdough to suit their palates. I regularly offer some tried and authentic flavors, including sweet and savory options.

 I dream of expanding my business from my home kitchen to a storefront. I follow all of Colorado's Cottage laws and can only sell in Colorado.

 I'm excited about where this next chapter is going to take me. Now, Let's get baking! 


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